Aluma-Tec goes further than just a Rescreen of your Pool Enclosure; we bring your enclosure back to life! First, Aluma-Tec will remove all of the screen on your enclosure.

Next, we pressure wash the entire structure for a fresh working surface. Pressure washing removes dirt and grime but most important cleans the spline channels that hold the screen. Clean spline channels will give your investment a longer life through daily use and inclement weather.

Next, we tighten or replace the tension cables to secure your structure. The tension cables keep the pool enclosure from swaying or moving during storms. Movement during storms can loosen screen panels and reduce the life of your investment.

Lastly, we replace corroded screws and anchors with stainless steel screws. With Aluma-Tec's Rescreen Pool Enclosure service, we ensure you get the most value out of your Pool Enclosure by washing and tighening the structure and replacing all corroded parts. Contact us today to get a FREE estimate!

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